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•Hardware, Software, Programming :: Hardware

•How To Design And Install A Home Automation & Networking System
How to choose Home Automation equipment.

Learn how to choose the best Home Automation and Security equipment, from Wireless home networking to the latest Audio and Video distribution systems, Master Lighting Controls, Home Security Cams, Low Voltage temperature control systems and Total Home integration. Find out what Home Automation and Home Security systems features are most important for you.

All about Wired and Wireless Home Networking.

Learn how to create a wired and wireless home computer network and how to tie it into your total home automation system. Find out what's the best wireless system and how wireless systems can save you money.

Whole Home Audio system.

Learn about recent advances in Home Audio distribution systems and how you can choose from multiple audio sources in any room including the new Satellite radio. There are several options for remote audio controls and wiring. Also learn about unique speakers for total home audio and how they can be located.

The new, improved Total Home Video distribution.

Learn how to create a Video distribution system that allows you to select from multiple Video sources and security cams in any given room. Learn the best way to split video signals to multiple TV's and how your home automation system can control and select video sources using color LCD touch panels or remotes from any room.

Possibilities of Home Lighting Control

  Full Article:  How To Design And Install A Home Automation & Networking System
•Self Computer Repair
Why pay a geek when you can do it just as well and in less time?

Yes, you can save time and money by doing computer repairs yourself.

What others have said about this e-book: Testimonials

Are you considering paying for one or more of these upgrades?

Why you should upgrade the power supply when upgrading the motherboard - starting on page 79
The motherboard replacement and the pitfalls that come with a new one - starting on page 81 (A video to only do this task costs over $150!)
Installing a second or third hard drive - starting on page 85
Why you should turn off certain embedded devices when upgrading those devices - starting on page 90
Stay with your old computer and upgrade, or build a PC, or buy a new one? - It is your choice, my advice is in the Upgrade chapter.
New computers are expensive, upgrading is one way to cut expenses,

Who's the only person you can trust to do your computer repairs? You.
With the help of this DIY computer repair manual.
  Full Article:  Self Computer Repair
•How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000
Have you ever wished you could build your very own gaming computer at a cheap price? Gaming computers sold by manufacturers like Alienware, Gateway or Dell will cost a lot more money, anywhere from $2000 to $4000.

In my new 67-page eBook How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000, I show you how to build your own gaming computer for under $1000 - without compromising the quality of hardware and gaming performance.

I know how hard trying to build your own computer can be. As a newbie to the world of computer building you have to learn how to select the best components, pick up various new technical terms like PCI Express, SATA and RAID, and also grapple with installing and configuring the hardware.

Even for seasoned computer builders, getting a list of the best components and still staying within your budget can be a challenge.

  Full Article:  How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000
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