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•work at home, home job :: Work-At-Home-Jobs

•From Broke to $150 Daily... online
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  Full Article:  From Broke to $150 Daily... online
•How to eliminate your debt in the shortest amount of time
Here are some basic credit facts that you should know:

Fact #1: Over 40 million Americans live under the daily stress of being in debt. A recent Gallup poll revealed that that over half of all Americans has at least one credit card that they do not pay off in full each month. Essentially using the credit card for a short term loan.

Fact #2: The average debt as a percentage of household income is 8.0%, though it is in double digits for people earning less than $40,000 a year.

Fact #3: The average household has more than $8,000 in credit card debt, up from about $3,000 in 1990. An $8,000 debt at a rate of 18% interest will take more than 25 years to repay and cost more than $24,000.

Fact #4: The average interest rate charged by credit cards is 14.71%.

Fact #5: The most recent Federal Reserve study showed that 43% of U.S. families spent more than they earned. On average, Americans spend $1.22 for each dollar they earn.

Fact #6: Over 1.5 million people on average seek credit counseling yearly seeking guidance for their financial situation.

Even if you are facing bankruptcy there is hope! Even if you struggle to keep up on your current bills there is hope! Even if you cringe at the sound of the telephone or the mailman....

  Full Article:  How to eliminate your debt in the shortest amount of time
•How to Improve Your In House Debt
Discover How to Improve Your In House Debt Collecting Success
Are you tired of dealing with slow paying and non-paying customers?

Is debt collecting taking more time, energy and resources away from you running your business?

Are you sick of ever growing bad debt and shrinking cash flow month after month?

Discover the strategies and techniques that the top collection agencies use in the successful collection of debt.

Did you know there are many tools, tips and strategies you can implement in your business to make a tremendous difference in your debt collecting success?

  Full Article:  How to Improve Your In House Debt
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