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•work at home, home job :: Work-At-Home-Jobs

•60-Minute Loan Modification
Dear Homeowner,

Let me guess¡K your home¡¦s value is dropping by the day and your monthly mortgage payment is downright ridiculous in this economy¡Xam I right?

You know that foreclosure is a terrible option, but you also know you¡¦ve got to do something or you¡¦ll spend the next 30 years broke and struggling, throwing most of your hard-earned money into a bottomless pit because, quite frankly, your mortgage terms stink!

NOTE: All loan types are currently being approved for modifications including¡K

Negative Amortization Loans
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS)
Fixed Rate Loans
1st, 2nd and even 3rd mortgages
Investment, vacation, and rental properties
I¡¦m talking about saving your home here!

My name is Mike Rockwood, and in 2008, I nearly lost all 5 of my homes to foreclosure. The bad economy combined with my bad loans made it impossible for me to keep making my payments each month.

I¡¦m sure you know the feeling¡K

  Full Article:  60-Minute Loan Modification
•Making A Killing With Tax Foreclosure Sales
Dear Friend

A recent study concludes that foreclosure filings jumped 42 percent nationwide in 2006, accelerating a trend that began in 2005 as home sales started to cool. Last year, 1,259,118 U.S. properties entered some stage of foreclosure, up from 850,000 properties in 2005 (Source: RealtyTrac research).

Mortgage payments aren't the only bills falling behind; real estate taxes are not getting paid either, as most mortgage bills also include payment for real estate property taxes. In conclusion, as foreclosures numbers rise so will the number of delinquent real estate property taxes.

Unpaid property taxes create a serious cashflow problem for local governments. If local governments are unable to collect real estate property taxes, they are also unable to provide important government services like police protection, public schooling and medical services.

  Full Article:  Making A Killing With Tax Foreclosure Sales
•Get Started with Investing In Tax Lien Certificates
Dear Frustrated Investor:

Have you heard about tax lien certificates and tax deeds? Have you been asking yourself just how you can get started taking advantage of this safe and outrageously profitable investment?

Have You Been Thinking About Investing in Tax Lien Certificates
or Tax Deeds, But Don't Know Where to Begin?
The wealthy have been investing in tax lien certificates and tax deeds for years. Tax lien certificates are one of the most profitable investments you can make without the risk of the stock market. No matter what the market is doing, you can profit from purchasing tax lien certificates and tax deeds. Here are just a few of the different ways you can benefit from Tax lien investing:

  Full Article:  Get Started with Investing In Tax Lien Certificates
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